exploring gardens

Song: Keep it Simple – Raleigh Ritchie
Camera: Sony RX-100
Edited: Final Cut Pro

(quick video edits have been an ideal form of memory-documenting for me recently)

So I’ve been volunteering at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco (through TASC) for a while now, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the most wonderful people in the process. I’m a part of the youth Leadership Design Team, and the other day a few of us visited the SF botanical garden right across the street from Cal Academy together. I’ve spent so much time around Golden Gate Park, but this was somehow my first time visiting the garden– it was ridiculously fun.

I love this group of TASC/LDT kids so much because they’ve all helped me find a more energetic side of myself that I’ve never really registered before. Some of my best memories in the past year have involved telling Cal Academy visitors about how cool Giant Pacific Octopuses are, walking around the public floor and talking to people dressed as Charles Darwin, dancing in flash mobs about earthquake preparedness, and doing the Cha Cha Slide not once but twice while in a nautilus costume; one-year-ago Arya would have never expected herself to do any of these things, but these among many more have become some of my favorite experiences. I’ve grown out of so much shyness and so much hesitance, and I’ve learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes at one of my favorite places. These amazing individuals (plus our program heads, love those guys so much) have really helped me come into myself a lot more, and they’ve inspired me to see the world through an even more curious lens.

Huge shoutouts to all my TASC and LDT peeps. I love all the individual relationships we’ve formed, all the little things we’ve bonded over, and how we’re all such different people all around but still somehow clicked so well. Thanks so much for an incredible year full of doing unexpected things and thoroughly enjoying every second along the way.

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