Reasons to Squat

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Squats can take you places.

A little while ago, I wrote about TomislavSquats, a mildly ridiculous and definitely hilarious Instagram account that my friend and I have been running since mid-December of 2016. As a bit of a follow-up, here are a few of my biggest reasons to join the #squatsquad. 

1. The Health Benefits

Obviously, squats are great for leg power. And flexibility. And toning. Plus, your core will get a workout from the joyful laughter that these particular squats bring to the world.

2. The Fame

From Buzzfeed articles to ads in the school newspaper, squats have an influence far and wide. The #squatsquad is a lifestyle. Embrace the lifestyle.

3. The Travel

While squats may not be a reason for travel, travel is a reason for squats– plant those feet and squat on the other side of the globe for an extremely rewarding experience.

4. The Creativity

The best squats can take some thought. Expand your mind and your Photoshop skills to help curate unique and truly insightful squats.

5. The Community

Personal squat creations. Signed t-shirts. Fan art. We’ve been lucky enough to meet new friends, visit an incredibly cool office (complete with micro-kitchens on every floor), and conduct titanic squats that stretch across courtyards like an ocean. TomislavSquats has somehow evolved into what we joked about it being: a movement.

The best experiences can often times come out of the most unlikely places, and over the past six months of squatting I’ve learned to be brave in letting what may at first seem silly or insignificant consume a part of my life. I’m figuring out how to focus on enjoying the process when doing things I enjoy, whether it be journaling or browsing octopus facts or photographing squats.


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