Ed Sheeran meets prehistoric flying reptiles

Here’s a long-overdue video of me dancing around dressed as a pterosaur.

A little backstory: throughout the past year or so, I’ve been doing some work with the California Academy of Sciences with a program called Teen Advocates for Science Communication. Halfway into the last semester, the leadership team and I had the chance to work with science teacher and music enthusiast Tom McFadden (known as Science With Tom on YouTube) to create a music video promoting Cal Academy’s latest new exhibit: Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of DinosaursPterosaurs were neither birds nor dinosaurs– this was a central point we decided to focus on in our music video, since these flying reptiles are commonly mistaken to be dinosaurs.

the wild pterosaur has been spotted in her natural habitat

I used to be a massive, massive fan of Ed Sheeran. I know all the old albums, I’ve seen all the videos of him in the Live Room with nothing but a guitar, mic, and a loop pedal, I’ve gone through a period of wanting nothing more than to see him live in concert… but I just was not a fan of the new album. There were a couple tracks that were decent, but many of the others I personally felt were mediocre and didn’t meet my expectations at all. Some songs bored me, some songs frustrated me (the English language is so broad, Ed), and some songs actually made me cringe a bit; I feel like this album had a lot of potential but somewhere along the way was lost in a sea of repetitive lyrics, formulated melodies, and a subtle air of what felt slightly like arrogance to me. (Definitely feel free to talk with me more about this album, I’d love to hear opinions!)

However, I will say that the beat and melody of “Shape of You” is ridiculously catchy, which is why I suggested it and so excitedly advocated for it to be the song we parodied to be about pterosaurs; mild lyrics are replaced with fun and nerdy science ones! We worked with Tom to draft verses that contained basic information about pterosaurs, and some of the other more singing-inclined TASC Force members recorded the main vocals. I’m not entirely sure how I ended up being the costume-wearer, but believe me, I’m not at all complaining.

Working on this project was definitely something that pushed me out of my comfort zone– I usually tend to be the one behind the camera and not in front of it– but it was such a fun experience, and I’m so glad I had the chance to be involved in it.

Check out the other video that Science With Tom did in collaboration with TASC Force members, too!

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