Four years

Continuing on the tradition of Ten Little(? honestly some of these aren’t super little) Changes In The Past Year Of Blogging.

  1. I graduated high school
  2. I’ve been driving for a year
  3. My new favorite color might be purple
  4. I can no longer drink milk (pretty sure I’ve become lactose-intolerant)
  5. I listen to some podcasts now
  6. We got some new patio furniture so I now go outside more often
  7. I started writing for Lithium Magazine and Adolescent Content
  8. I finally figured out how to efficiently use BART (took me way too long, honestly)
  9. Another few journals have been filled up. My current one is covered in stickers and is almost to its last pages.
  10. I move into my dorm in three weeks.

I’ve grown increasingly appreciative of my journals and this blog this past year– having so many memories in such a tangible form is amazing, and it’s a good feeling to read over something I wrote that I don’t remember writing.

Thanks for four years, Wordy&Nerdy– looking forward to this next one.


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