Mndsgn: just look at each other and dance


Mndsgn at The Loft, October 2017

“You don’t have to look at me, y’know, you can look each other and dance.”

Producer Ringgo Ancheta, known as Mndsgn, grew up in New Jersey and is now based in Los Angeles, California. He played a set at The Loft at UCSD last night, filling the room to its corners with his unique sound. 

I started listening to Mndsgn only about a week ago after I found out through the school radio station that he was coming– I immediately loved the simultaneously electronic and raw sound of his tracks. He cleverly uses heavy bass and silence to create anticipation, and his most recent album Body Wash has become a favorite to listen to in the evenings.

Ringgo is a cool dude!

This was one of the most intimate shows I’ve been to. The Loft is a fairly small space in the best possible way: an assortment of couches and barstools, glazed paintings brightening up wood-paneled walls, soft colored light scattered across the open floor. Within less than one song, Mndsgn had the growing crowd starting to dance. As he advanced through his set, he picked up the bass as well as the speed of the music, building up to popular, funkier tracks like “Where Ever U R” and “Cosmic Perspective.”

He exuded a sense of home, looking extremely in his element on the stage and also keeping an ongoing conversation with the audience in between songs with his humor and quiet comments, a little bit like he was talking to himself as well as to us. I was pleasantly surprised when he started singing, just because I wasn’t expecting it, and I loved his on-the-spot improv when the crowd pushed for one more song at the very end. He threw in a couple new pieces as well, telling us that he’ll be officially releasing them soon. I got to exchange a few words with him after the show, too, which was a great first for me!

Mndsgn’s self-proclaimed “dirty” music is absolutely worth a listen– I’m excited to see what more amazing things he has up his sleeve.

Find him on SoundCloud:

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