Soundtrack: November

Courtship, November 2017

Music through the month of November.


Domo Genesis

Smino, November 2017

Domo Genesis’s show was awesome; he opened with tracks from his new mixtape, Red Corolla, and followed with popular songs from his 2016 album Genesis. About halfway through, he brought out fellow Odd Future member Hodgy, and they performed together before Hodgy actually took over the stage for a short while (and owned it). His use of the small-sized venue was really impressive; he simultaneously embraced the intimacy of the show and made the room feel much bigger than it actually was. This concert was such a cool experience for me because I went to the venue not knowing anyone very well, but by the end of it had made a set of really cool new friends.

Tobi Lou & Smino

This was an amazing concert. The opener Tobi Lou, who I didn’t previously know, really impressed me with his stage presence and connection with the audience, and he had a good mix of original content and clever covers of popular songs such as Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights.” I already knew Smino was good, but his performance gave me a new perspective on his music that I didn’t have before. About half the songs were from his debut full-length album blkswn, but he flowed them in with older songs from his blkjuptr and S!ck S!ck S!ck EPs. He effortlessly filled the stage, sneaking in comments about how when he wrote specific songs or how we should know that we will change the world alongside our friends. This was my favorite show of the month.

Courtship, Pham, OT Genasis

I saw these three as part of a music festival that my school puts on annually. Courtship was a lighter show, and my roommates and I had a good time just hanging out and dancing to this electro-pop duet’s music. Pham’s set was when people started really packing into the space around the stage; this Polish producer let out a variety of tracks that combined influences from hip-hop, trap, and EDM. I liked the first two performances of the night better than the third. OT Genasis closed out the festival with his well known hits “Cut It” and “CoCo.” His set would have improved had he not kept cutting off his song barely halfway through; I don’t think he actually finished a full song while up there. However, the stage setup was really nice, and the fact that it was outdoors made it much more pleasant to deal with the massive moshing crowd.


Pham, November 2017

Soundboards & Amplifiers

In other recent fun things that have to do with music, I’ve been learning a lot about sound equipment and how to use it. I’m an audio intern and DJ at the school’s student-run radio station, so I’ve gotten a lot of chances to get hands-on experience with using cool mics, amps, and recording software. Last night, we hosted an open mic at the station, and I was put on aux cord/soundboard duty, which was ridiculously fun.

Here’s a playlist of some favorites from this month.



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