Moving Forward, 2017

It’s been an eventful year, as always. It was a sound wave of up and downs, and I don’t think I ever truly understood how much could happen within a short amount of time until this fall after starting school.

Things I did:

  • Learned how to animate
  • Attended eight musical events and saw twenty-five artists perform
  • Helped complete a yearbook
  • Became a pterosaur
  • Visited the Instagram headquarters
  • Traveled to India
  • Spent a solid amount of time hanging out with fish and other marine life
  • Flew on my own for the first time (to Portland!)
  • Started writing for a couple magazines
  • Moved away from home for the first time
  • Figured out how to cook pasta in the microwave
  • Got involved with a science publication, a radio station, and an aquarium at school
  • Began liking chemistry
  • Cut my hair short
  • Strengthened old friendships & started new ones
  • Grew.

Things I will do:

  • Read at least two books a month
  • Start writing creative fiction again (at least one story by the end of March!)
  • Develop better exercise habits at school
  • Learn how violins are made
  • Fearlessly draw & paint on larger scales
  • Write more on this blog
  • Keep my room in a non-disaster state
  • Take more pictures and videos
  • Give my full energy to all I do
  • Enjoy every second of it
  • Grow.

Huge thank you to everyone in my life for an absolutely rad year; I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.


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