A Conversation with The Marías

The Marias

The Creative Process

Josh: We record everything right in our living room. Booking a studio, paying by the hour… that type of deal can sometimes be stressful and halt creativity.

María: It’s just like a camera– it doesn’t matter as much what type you have, it matters more who’s behind the camera and what’s done with it. 

The Sound

Carter: I get ski lodge vibes… fireplace, rug, all that warmth.

María: It’s like if you were in a pool, but it were the temperature of a hot tub, so you could swim through it at night and see the mist rising into the air. It’s all the senses that just feel good and look… beautiful.

Music videos

María: I feel like the color red symbolizes sensuality, passion, and also that fiery Latin influence again– like, my mom’s favorite color was red. That’s why it shows up so much throughout our work. When the song is written, if we visualize something we do a video for it, but if we can’t, we don’t want to…

Josh: Force it. All the videos that have been up have had a very clear vision.

Favorite songs?

Jesse: ABQ.

Carter: ABQ.

Gabe: ABQ.

Josh: Over the Moon. It’s short and sweet, straightforward.

María: Ruthless, since it’s been such a long time coming. It was written about five years ago and went through, like, ten different versions.

Edward: I don’t really speak Spanish myself, but the song has that transcending quality of music that lets me understand it.


María: My mom’s side of the family is from Puerto Rico, so from that side I get salsa, merengue, even reggaeton. We were obsessed with reggaeton. And then from my dad’s side, I get flamenco, classical guitar, Spanish rock… I can’t name one single artist that I draw inspiration from, but the overall influence from so many is there.

What jolly rancher flavor would you be?

María: Peach.

Josh: Blue raspberry.

Carter: Green apple.

Gabe: Watermelon.

Edward: I have a lot of fun with grape!

Jesse: peach tea. like, what if I put a peach jolly rancher in tea?

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