Visiting Taiwan // Pt. 2: Taipei


Snippets from our time in Taiwan, continued from my previous post.


Jiufen Old Street
Made our way through the crowded street sampling various foods, drinks, and desserts– I tried stinky tofu for the first time! Big fan.

National Palace Museum
Saw the famous Meat Stone in person. Sulked a bit because the arguably even more famous Jade Cabbage wasn’t on display. Had fun anyway.

Huashan Cultural Park
Spent the rainy evening wandering a cluster of open-air and indoor stores, window shopping and drooling over art, stationary, and clothes.

IMG_6159Taipei 101
We stumbled on a stellar view of this beaut from a rooftop restaurant!

Visiting Taiwan was full of incredible experiences through little adventures– being there reminded me to enjoy living in the moment and take in everything I possibly can. Big thanks to Steph for helping us organize everything, and shoutout to Isha for capturing lovely moments in photos. Giraffes4life.

2018 has been a rad one. See y’all in the new year!

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