onward, 2018


A couple days late on this tangible reflection, but that’s okay. New Year’s posts are some of my favorites to write just because they give me a great excuse to go down the nostalgia rabbit-hole that is this blog.

Following up on last year, here’s what I did and what I’ll do (+ some bonus 2018 pictures).

Things I did:

  • started hosting my own radio show
  • interviewed a bunch of musicians
  • visited a lot of tidepools (and touched a lot of sea slugs)
  • performed at three open mics
  • put up my portfolio
  • explored the Pacific Coast Highway
  • improved my teaching & presentation skills
  • went to LA three times (once of which was on my own)
  • directed a graphics team
  • discovered how much I love brussel sprouts
  • traveled to the east coast for the first time
  • attended 9 musical events and saw 32 artists perform
  • cried about organic chemistry (but realized that it’s kinda fun)
  • started working in a lab
  • spent a spontaneous week in Taiwan
  • found some pleasantly surprising new friends, revived some startlingly old ones
  • learned to use every minute possible.

Things I will do:

  • run, run, run
  • eat less ketchup (seriously, it’s ridiculous right now)
  • make music
  • consume more media! books, articles, albums, podcasts, and beyond
  • keep writing, even if not on a specific timeline
  • get even better at dissecting scientific papers (and maybe start working on one of my own?)
  • sketch, sketch, sketch
  • admire the world with a closer eye
  • embrace the hours, the minutes, and the seconds as much as I can.

Here are some photos in order from last January through December. Farewell, 2018– thank you for the adventures, opportunities, and growth. Looking forward to what’s coming next.


My yearly playlist, as usual, one song per month…


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