six years


My laptop’s spacebar has become a little sticky to the point where occasionally I have to pull out my school ID card, stick the edge under the key, and wiggle it up and down to bring it back to life. I’ve had this computer almost as long as I’ve had this blog, and despite a few hiccups now and then, it’s still running strong (knock on wood).

This time last year, I had just returned from a trip to DC and New York. Now, I sit in my new room in San Diego after driving my car down from San Francisco. There’s a new sense of independence that’s come along with this summer and hangs over the rapidly-approaching academic year– especially since the last of my structured school days are near.

Last year, I wrote about finding time for everything– I wasn’t sure if I could sustainably handle a year of several different, year-long, high-intensity commitments. Update: I somehow made it through… but it was definitely the toughest school year I’ve faced, and I had to do some digging to remember why I wanted to do those things in the first place.

This summer, I’m finally learning how to find time for myself; the cliche of caring for myself so I can care for others kicked in, manifesting itself in the form of me finally dragging myself to the gym on a regular basis (haha).

But in all seriousness, I’ve found that building in regular time to rest and recenter has proven irreplaceable for my peace of mind. I’m still the girl that scribbles stories in between biochem notes and has six pages of categorized to-do lists for a single afternoon, but I’ve also learned to be okay with stepping away from all of that to spontaneously catch a sunset down at the shores. I will always want to see more, do more, and learn more, but this summer has taught me how to better prioritize my physical and mental health so I’m in a place to explore.

So, can I sustainably handle another year of different, year-long, high-intensity commitments? I think so. I did it once, so hopefully I’ll make it work again. Much has changed since then, but in most cases the change has definitely been for the better. This blog has also changed, and I wonder where it will venture during my junior year of college.

No way to know for sure, but I expect to see things happen. This has been a free write brought to you by olive-oil popcorn, a darkening room, and an apple-scented candle. Happy six years, Wordy&Nerdy. Looking forward to the next one.


this picture & the one above taken on my mini road trip to Big Sur earlier this summer


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