documenting 2019


I recently had my sixth grade computer’s contents transferred to an external hard drive and went down a rabbit hole of thoughts from my younger self that didn’t quite make it to this blog. It definitely helped me remember what brought me to where I am now; for every blog post also existed multiple sketches, half-finished song files, and pages of short stories that I drafted just for the sake of drafting. 

My current life is less like this– now, the things I make are typically with some purpose in mind, whether that be school, student orgs, or portfolio projects. It’s fantastic to have so many outside forces driving me to create with purpose, but I do wish I remembered once in a while that “purpose” does not have to be tied to external goals. In the ongoing trend of learning how to care for my consciousness, I’m hoping to turn more of my attention back to the internal. Hopefully, another eight to ten years down the line (hey there, 2029), I’ll find the same kind of joy in rediscovering memories from now. 

some things i did:

  • stopped (excessively) flat-ironing my hair
  • picked up animation again
  • spent my first summer outside the Bay Area
  • started a couple new jobs
  • performed at 2 venues on campus & recorded a couple tunes
  • took a few spontaneous trips to LA (again)
  • began leading a student org
  • discovered several unlikely friendships
  • (finally) upgraded my phone
  • ate less ketchup (goal from last year FULFILLED)
  • moved off-campus in San Diego
  • built a few art projects that weren’t paintings
  • was gifted four boxes of Ritz crackers from a lady in a Safeway
  • started going to the gym again

This is the first year since I’ve had this blog that I’ve missed writing at least one post per month. It turned out to be a year of growth without a lot of documentation, which is definitely okay but also is something I’d love to change moving forward. Catch me taking a bajillion more photos in the new decade.

some things i will do:

  • pick up regular journaling again
  • continue going to the gym (i got super good at this during fall quarter!)
  • keep talking to strangers & hearing their stories
  • play more music & record another song
  • read at least one book per month
  • paint another big canvas (or two)
  • re-organize + update this blog
  • be unafraid in talking about project ideas with people who I know can help me achieve them
  • write a blog post every month!
  • keep observing, exploring, and listening
  • create WAY more work-free time for family, friends, and myself.

some assorted photos of me, friends, & adventures from this year. stoked for 2020!

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