Aquarium of the Pacific, January 2020

A short note to make sure I don’t already break the goal of semi-regular writing in the first month of the year.

I told myself I would write at least one blog post every month, so here we are. I tried writing something on my actual birthday as I was sitting in my parked car at the beach, breakfast burrito in hand, but let me tell you– it’s a little difficult to type while one hand is occupied holding approximately a pound of eggs, potatoes, and cheese.

It seems I do less and less to celebrate as the years turn. Maybe this one should have been a bigger-celebration year, since it’s the alleged official transition from teen-to-not, dramatic-to-measured (although I guess twenty-somethings may not necessarily be super measured, either).

I think this year’s celebration took the form of trying a lot of new things this month. January started with going rock climbing, which I decided to definitely do again and even scheduled into my calendar… but I let school sneak up on me. On the subject of school, I tried taking six classes when the quarter started. (Spoiler alert, it was a bad idea. I’m now in only five.) I went kayaking in the ocean and karaoke-ing with new friends. I visited an aquarium I’ve never been to before (more on this in another post, hopefully soon). I switched my nose ring from a silver to gold hoop, which meant I had to switch almost all my other jewelry as well (all eight piercings– a mild quarter-life crisis, since I rarely have worn gold until now).

When I first started college, I felt like my energy would never run out. Being in this entirely novel environment was the catalyst I needed to follow my interests down different paths. However, I think I’ve since fallen into routine– it’s not an inherently bad thing, especially considering that I definitely have more of a handle on my day-to-day schedule than I did back when I was seventeen– but I do find myself itching to break out. I have so many new questions about my identity as a student, friend, person in general; January began with fire I haven’t felt in a long time, and I’m hoping to keep it fueled moving forward.

Here’s to charging into a new decade of my existence with an open mind and open eyes.

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