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Arya is a student, storyteller, and marine invertebrate enthusiast born and raised in the Bay Area currently studying biology and cognitive science in San Diego, California. When she’s not power-walking to classes or hunched over her laptop at coffee shops, you can find her playing violin, inspecting local tide pools, or drooling over Home Depot’s astronomical paint selection. She hopes to learn a few things about the world and about herself through working on this blog, which is now seven years old (yes, she has indeed been writing here since she was thirteen, so there’s been a lot of changes over the years).

Feel free to contact her on Twitter if you want to chat about art, the ocean, science communication, or anything in between!

Find me elsewhere:

SQ Online

Adolescent Content


  1. thefatwinter

    God damn, Arya, you are perfect. This blog is wonderful- I love how you’ve set your mind to do something as wonderful as this. I’ll be keeping tabs on this page from now on! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. memoriesonapage

    Hi! You followed my blog a little while ago, and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to following you back– I’ve been reading your posts for a fairly long time, and your writing is really, *really* good!


  3. I'm a Zalfie Fanatic

    I love your blog! Its really cool, I started a blog yesterday and your blog has really inspired me. I lvoe the way you write your posts ♥


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