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revelations on a small automobile

I realized on the ride home that the best thing I can have is the ability to feel these people breathing beside me  Continue reading

dictionaries are far from useless

Sometimes I run out of words so I do art with words on it.  Continue reading


Yesterday was my favorite English teacher’s birthday.


original art – I like this piece better when it’s unfinished || from

My dear queen/embodiment of pretty much everything I aspire to be in life,

This letter probably won’t even cover half of what I wish I could put into words. Honestly, it may be about as sequential as Ralph Ellison’s “On Bird, Bird-Watching, and Jazz” (not even close to being as well written, though… unfortunately).

I came into the year as a pretentious fifteen-year-old who thought she was the most thoughtful, understanding, and worldly person simply because she had just returned from a three-week trip to India two days before school started. Now I exist as a still-rather-pretentious-but-at-least-slightly-better sixteen year old who will forever be thankful that she decided to take AP English instead of going the simpler route.  Continue reading

A few thoughts before (hopefully) hitting the roads

I’ve come to the age where I almost crave a sense of responsibility. I used to fear the thought of being alone, but I’m starting to enjoy the independence.

Tomorrow I take the written test to get my permit to start driving, and I am unbelievably excited.

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i will never awaken by twelve-o-one


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I find that I’m so paranoid at the thought of being trapped in my own mind and it’s the reason I adore the feeling of blood rushing through my veins as I lift off the ground–

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writing in the margins of my school planner

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1- I saw the end of a rainbow today during our math quiz that I thought would be much harder than what it actually was and just like that I realized: nothing is as it seems or is told because there was nothing but a parking lot where gold should have been waiting.  Continue reading