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I blinked, and it was over.

Last night, I finished the fourth (and last) large-scale production of this summer.

About two weeks prior to the first performance, the idea of being on a stage where tons of people could actually see me was… well, horrifying. At that time, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to get through four performances, all of them in front of big crowds.  Continue reading

Once Upon a Time: Mumbai, India

On one of the days during my stay in India, some of my family and I rented a car that seated eight people and took a drive through the city of Mumbai. It was a completely spontaneous thing, literally having been planned the night before at around ten o’clock. Well, not even planned; the idea was simply thrown out onto the table for consideration.

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When You Spend 24 Hours On A Bus In India

… you might start to go a little bit crazy.

This may be happening due to a multitude of factors: maybe it’s the lack of space availability, maybe it’s the minimal bathroom breaks, perhaps it’s the fact that the bus horn is actually a jingle (and it keeps going off every thirty seconds because, after all, these are India roads).  Continue reading

Travel Thoughts

Funny story:

Pretty much exactly three weeks ago, my family and I hopped onto a plane (well, actually, three consecutive ones) and went to India. I remember writing that last post on this blog and publishing it with gusto, feeling quite proud of myself for keeping up with an almost-consistent posting schedule.

And then this India trip rolled around, and I really didn’t write much at all. 

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Dear Over-Stimulative Music…

Dear Over-Stimulative Music,

A lot of people have a lot of different opinions regarding you.

In fact, a lot of people have completely different definitions of you set in their own minds, ones based off of personal preferences or thoughts imposed by others.

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AP Scores + A Mango Smoothie

The following post consists of a series of thoughts and actions from today.

*wakes up at 10:30am* Ahh, a relaxing summer morning. Hi, dog, good morning, yes you are very cute indeed. Please stay there and keep my feet warm. (he got up soon after that)

The next hour or so is spent lying on the couch and staring at the ceiling.

Mom: Arya, it’s basically lunch time, you need to eat something.

Okay, fine, I guess food is kind of important.

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Once Upon a Time: Unedited Significances

city points
one of the shots from my camera during our little adventure! check out my flickr to see more

So, this is a long-overdue post.

It’s actually been floating around, unfinished, in my drafts since February 27th, which was a time that I probably could’ve been writing more but grew to be too lazy/unmotivated to do so.

In my last post, I mentioned this guy named Brandon Stanton. He runs this photography-centered website/blog called Humans of New York, and on it, he posts photos of strangers that he meets on (primarily) the streets of New York City. Along with these photographs are captions that range from a few words to multiple sentences long, and each caption tells a unique story or perspective on life.

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