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To a new friend.

photo taken by my awesome friend Nicole, definitely go check her out.

photo taken by my awesome friend Nicole, definitely go check out her stuff.

Dear Possibility-

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i will never awaken by twelve-o-one


original art || from

I find that I’m so paranoid at the thought of being trapped in my own mind and it’s the reason I adore the feeling of blood rushing through my veins as I lift off the ground–

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fleeting thought

eyes wide open

original artwork- check out my Flickr account

it started up with a breakdown
of the thoughts
     swimming in my head, relentlessly aching to be
     into the biting January air

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New Voices: Painted Black

original image

original image

Wings painted black flap effortlessly,

striving for the infliction of pain,

as eyes blink away tears of relief

after catching a breath from their struggle to obtain

the truth.

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In my English class we’ve been doing a poetry unit, and one of our assignments was to write a poem in the format of Identity by Julio Noboa Polanco with our own extended metaphors. Even though this wasn’t exactly my own work in the light that we were supposed to take from the original poem and incorporate it into ours, I still rather like how it turned out, so here ya go 😛


Identity Poem Mar '14

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