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New Voices: ‘Who I Am’ + Homeland

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Over a few weeks, my lovely friend Isha Patel created an amazing project around identity especially in the context of Americans of color. Above is just one of the images (which happens to be yours truly!), definitely take a look at the whole project in her portfolio:

Below is the EP that another one of my lovely friends just released today. She has a wonderful voice, and the EP contains original songs as well as a couple covers. Give it a listen!

New Voices: untitled

We grow up surrounded by genius

And this sometimes inspires us to emulate it

But more often drives us to envy it

As we wonder;

If we aren’t exceptional,

If we aren’t outstanding,

What are we worth?  Continue reading

New Voices: thought book // causes, demons, dragons

New Voices: Recollections from my Mexican-American Youth

The following is an incredible piece written by my incredible friend, Amelia Solis. 

Today, I was told an anecdote about a young man in a community service league mocking the intended recipient of the letter he was currently writing–a foster child. “Hey, maybe I should write this in Spanish so the poor Mexican kid who gets it can understand it,” he said as he laughed. I, at first, was appalled and horrified. Then, the anger started setting in. This anger threw me into a reflection of my own experiences as a low-income Latina and I’d like to share these with you.  Continue reading

New Voices: Painted Black

original image

original image

Wings painted black flap effortlessly,

striving for the infliction of pain,

as eyes blink away tears of relief

after catching a breath from their struggle to obtain

the truth.

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New Voices: Vegetarians and Veterinarians

I want to be a veterinarian. No, I didn’t say vegetarian, I said veterinarian. Two very different things. It’s okay. I know a lot of people who used to get the two confused.

cute-pitbull-dog-wallpaper copy

A vet’s job, you’ll be surprised to hear, has almost no contact with animals that are, well, awake. A vet’s job is get in, do surgery, get out. There are also vets that do vet check-ups, that part’s true. But those who have more contact with animals on a daily basis, who care for and feed the animals after surgery and administer vaccines is not the vet, but a vet tech. That’s kind of like a nurse for animals. Yet I still want to be a vet.

About a year and a half ago, I finally was allowed to volunteer with animals, something which I’d been looking forward to since I was a young child. And from then on, my interest in becoming a veterinarian just grew and grew. I’ve made vaccines, watched them be administered, measured worm medication, bagged pills, administered heartworm medication, and, of course, done what every good dog owner has done: flea and tick medication. I’ve also shown educational presentations, advised dog and cat owners, and this summer I’m interviewing to be a camp counselor at my local Humane Society.

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