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Rough Waters: some thoughts on Moonlight

Directed by Barry Jenkins and released in 2016, Moonlight tells in three chapters the story of a young black man growing up and struggling to find himself in a hypermasculine Miami where the majority of the people around him are forcing him into labels and boxes before he is even able to fully find himself. After (terribly) procrastinating for literally months, I watched Moonlight for the first time last Wednesday; since then have watched the movie fully once more, as well as played through various select scenes repeatedly in an attempt to understand and appreciate as much as I can. One of my favorite scenes of the movie is when Juan teaches Little to swim; here’s a hopefully-understandable overview of some of the thoughts I scribbled into my journal while watching this movie.  Continue reading


original art // august 2016

original art // august 2016

I just read over the posts I wrote for one then two years of running this blog, and to be honest, it was a little bit painful. The extremely rough writing definitely made me cringe at least a little, and it also made me realize that I was far more oblivious to the world than I am now. (This post will probably be equally as bad in another year’s time.)

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On Changing Tables

My workspace evolves as I do.

When I was younger, I had a solid wooden desk with three drawers on the left side and one under the space where the chair tucked under the table. It grew to be a well-loved place of hoarded objects, brimming with not only papers but also stickers, pebbles, keys, Post-its, and spare parts of various old and broken devices that were no longer in use. My childhood desk now lives under the care of my younger sister, and it will soon change to her will as it did to mine earlier.  Continue reading

(literal) train of thoughts.

I have taken Caltrain twice in my lifetime.

As I sat and watched the landscape fly by outside the window, I was also extremely conscious of those surrounding me. The man with the bright orange bike and even brighter shirt. The girl with a tired-looking book-bag slung across her shoulder, headphones in and eyes closed. The young boy chattering excitedly to someone that looked to be his mother- “Mommy, train run fast? Train fly far!”  Continue reading

A few thoughts before (hopefully) hitting the roads

I’ve come to the age where I almost crave a sense of responsibility. I used to fear the thought of being alone, but I’m starting to enjoy the independence.

Tomorrow I take the written test to get my permit to start driving, and I am unbelievably excited.

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writing in the margins of my school planner

original art || from

1- I saw the end of a rainbow today during our math quiz that I thought would be much harder than what it actually was and just like that I realized: nothing is as it seems or is told because there was nothing but a parking lot where gold should have been waiting.  Continue reading

Wednesday // January 27th, 2016 // 9:31pm


from || I love this photo because it’s glowing and blue.

The most ridiculous way I’ve ever heard of singing “happy birthday” has been in my seventh period AP English class. Well, the most ridiculous so far. 

Whenever there’s a birthday, my teacher declares that all are to sing according to the following rules:

  1. Any key.
  2. Any pace.
  3. Any tone of voice.
  4. Any language.
  5. There are no rules.

I feel like I usually shy away from being sung to, even when it’s around a cake with family and friends- I never know where to look or what to do in reaction. However, I think those 30 seconds of embarrassment today were worth it because this particular rendition of this over-sung tune was magnificent.  Continue reading