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redwoods: a mini-zine

I grew up in Northern California, a key home to some of our planet’s largest organisms– redwood trees. My family would frequently make the trek to Yosemite to visit the old growth forests of giant sequoias. My cousins and I traced trails through the base of Mount Tam in San Francisco in search of the tallest possible trees. When I learned to drive, my friends and I would often take to Highway 1 during long weekends, winding up in the midst of hundreds of coast redwoods. Continue reading

dictionaries are far from useless

Bright Colors + Heavy Lines

This year I’m taking an art class at school, which opens up a ton of time to explore new techniques and ideas through art. Taking an art class was definitely a fantastic decision for me (thanks, past Arya!) because it gives me a good chunk of time to sort of wind down at school and let my brain run wild and creative. I really like that the prompts we’re given in class are sort of open to interpretation (most of the time), and I’ve definitely been having a lot of fun. Here are a couple of things I’ve worked on over the past month (which you may also have seen on my Instagram). My art style recently has really been gravitating towards heavy pen lines and bright colors- I really like the look of filled-in spaces and doodle-esque things. (I don’t know if doodle-esque was a word before, but it is now.) Continue reading



One of my original characters- she’s named Elle. This picture is of her when she’s a little older then when the story takes place. I had a lot of fun playing with all the reddish hues in this one, and those little dot thingies in the background were especially fun. I still gotta work on learning how to draw glasses, though! 😛

Hey, nerdlings! Sorry for the lack of posting and interacting recently, my entire week has been absolutely packed with nothing other than schoolwork (surprise, surprise). Hopefully I’ll find a little bit more time to get my blogging (and novel-writing) brain back intact this weekend; right now my mind is just “bio, english, precalc, repeat” with that little bit of music practice thrown in as well.

Until next time!

Thing 1 and Thing 2

This is a drawing I cooked (well, you can’t exactly cook drawings… no matter) up of my sister and I as Thing 1 and Thing 2. Though we drive each other nuts 110% of the time, I still love her to pieces and will always be there for her as we grow older and experience new things. But shh, don’t tell her that, it’s a secret. 😉

Arya does the Character Blog Hop

Desiree over at the Inky Tavern just did this on her lovely blog and I decided I’d give it a shot as well! I believe I shall be answering seven questions about a character in an in-progress work of mine and then proceeding on to nominate a few other bloggers to do the same. And now, introducing… Kat!

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