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This Week’s Episode: The Universe Holds the Key to People

It all started with a biology project.

For the AP Bio course I’m taking this upcoming school year, there’s a lot of summer homework. There were two projects in total on the list- both concerning our natural environment and organisms inhabiting them. I have until August 5th (Tuesday) to finish both of them, along with a bunch of reading and study guides. I’d like to say that I got a super early head start on all this homework, but… I didn’t. Oops.

The instructions for the project I was working on today were quite simple, in some sense: I was to go out and photograph organisms from certain domains, kingdoms, and phyla (my teacher gave us a list of eighteen different categories). I managed to find most of what I needed around our house and at a nearby park, but then there was the matter of marine creatures- sea stars, jellyfish, you get the idea.

At first I was panicking; how in the world was I supposed to find all of the things I needed in such a short time? But living near San Francisco does have its perks.

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This Week’s Episode: My brain is full of science and oil painting

Good evening, my lovely nerdlings!

Do you ever have days where you feel sluggish and tired and unmotivated to do anything besides binge-watching episodes of Supernatural?

I do indeed have those days.

But this week did not consist of those days.

Yes, I am aware that I have been absolutely, positively terrible about posting lately, but I promise that I do indeed have good reason.

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This Week’s Episode: Music and Melting

The weather this week. Has been. So. Hot. It’s actually ridiculous.

I was really enjoying the lovely unusual cold-when-it’s-not-supposed-to-be weather we were having in my area until this entire thing came along and decided to dry up all the rain on my parade (rain that I enjoyed, thank you very much).

I’m most definitely a chilly kind of person. I enjoy those cloudy gray skies, cold, brisk air, and slight drizzle of rain throughout the day. Those kinds of days make me very happy (plus, they put me in even more of a mood to curl up with chocolate and read/write).

And don’t even get me started on how basically 99.99% of my entire wardrobe contains winter clothing. It’s all jeans and long-sleeves and hoodies accompanied by about fifty billion beanies and scarves.

So when days like the ones of the past week roll around, I really just have no idea what to do with myself.

All I have to say to the weather is this:


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This Week’s Episode: Poetry and Procrastination

Writing makes me very excited.

This, I’m assuming, is at least slightly implied, considering the fact that I am writing right now. On this blog I created myself. On my own time. Generally indication that writing is enjoyed, right?

Either way, being able to craft a story of my own makes me feel powerful in a way, like I can actually do something and put something out into the world. It makes me happy to know that I can do whatever I want with these stories, no matter how ridiculous, because they’re my stories. Of course, showing them to others and wanting to appeal to them is a whole ‘nother story; but when I write for myself, I know I have the freedom to express myself in any way.

It’s not just writing these crazy, slightly insensible stories that gets me excited. There are tons of different styles of writing I enjoy, like drafting essays for school or experimenting with poetry.

And that brings me to the topic of poems.

And poetry slams.

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This Week’s Episode: Sickness, Snuggies, and SAT’s

This GIF pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling this entire week:


Since Sunday, I’ve had this nasty mixture of cold and pollen allergies. My head has been hurting, my stomach has been churning, and I haven’t been able to breathe due to the loads of mucus clogging up my nasal cavity. Yes, yes, I know that I’m being whiny- but we can’t forget that I’m a teenager.

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This Week’s Episode: Crime Scenes and Crazy Writing

Hola, citizens of the interwebs.

It’s been kind of a ridiculous week. But the good kind of ridiculous.

In my science class we’re doing this big super-important biotech unit thing, and being the nerd I am, this is pretty much how I’ve been the entire time:



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This Week’s Episode: The Ability to Breathe Has Returned

First off, happy S.A.D. everyone!

(that stands for Singles Awareness Day if there were any unaware spectators floating out in the internet cloud)

I spent my S.A.D. with homework, music, and ice cream. Sweet, delicious ice cream. Not a bad time at all, if you ask me- but that isn’t the point. The point is that I CAN BREATHE AGAIN!!!

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