Projects for Others

Homeland EP Cover Design – February 2017


Listen to the EP here:

Baere Longboards – August 2015

One of my friends asked me to design a logo for his company. Definitely go check them out here, they have some really cool board designs! 

the logo I designed

Bike Shirt – June 2014

My uncle really enjoys cycling, so he asked me to design a shirt that he could print using Voler. He gave me the hint that dragons look cool on shirts, so I took it and came up with this!

Front side

Front side



Kids&Art Video – March 2014

Kids&Art is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and their families that have been touched by cancer. I created a short video for the organization, shown below.


Diva Party – October 2013

One of our family friends threw a diva-themed party in October of 2013 and asked me to design a life-sized poster for it. The poster was 4 feet wide by 11 feet tall, and was created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS6. 


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