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a seven-armed sea star


George, two madreporites and all, surrounded by sea stars galore. (photo at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA)

Ice-cold water shocked my hand as it breached the shallow tank’s surface. A rainbow of colors glittered up through gentle currents. Diverse sea animals carpeted the basin, unaware of the crowd eager to feel their spiny skin or soft tentacles. 

There at the Aquarium of the Pacific’s touch tanks, I fell in love with a cerulean-colored sea star. The bright blue wasn’t what caught my eye, though.  Continue reading

Panicking Is A Side Effect Of Falling Animals

Aubrey liked to think that she was good at keeping a level head in dire situations (and in some instances, that would actually be the case)… but when a baby squirrel dropped about twenty feet from a palm tree onto her deck, she did admit to panicking a bit. Just a bit.

She was sitting at the dining table, pretending to do homework while actually surfing the internet, when she suddenly heard a thud right outside the sliding glass doors that lead to the backyard. She looked outside to see her family’s dog, Max, cautiously sniffing something and wagging his tail. She closed the computer, squinting her eyes at the scene outside. What is that thing? Is it an animal? But it’s barely moving… Oh my god, is that a squirrel?! Jumping out of the chair, she quickly brought Max inside, wanting to make sure that nothing happened to the squirrel.

So, there she was, standing about two feet away from this little, helpless baby squirrel who didn’t even have its eyes open- it was just curled up there on the deck, barely breathing. Max was overflowing with excitement at this point, scratching at the doors in an attempt to join Aubrey and the squirrel in the backyard.

After panicking and consulting the internet for a couple minutes, Aubrey ran back inside to frantically search for a cardboard box, an old t-shirt, and a large ziplock bag. She filled the bag with hot water and tucked it under the shirt into the box, creating something like a heated cushion as the internet said to do. Returning outside, she gently pushed the squirrel into the box. It still wasn’t moving.

Maybe it would have been less nerve wracking if someone else had been home, but Aubrey was alone in the house. Her mom had taken Aubrey’s sister to her tutoring session of the week.

Aubrey called her mom, keeping a close eye on the squirrel all the while, but she wasn’t picking up. Shoot, they must still be in the class.

At this point, the squirrel had stopped moving altogether. Aubrey struggled to breathe properly. What do I do, what do I do, what do I do, it’s gonna die, it’s gonna die, what do I do, what can I do, what should I do? Even Max had stopped whining from inside, and was laying down with his head resting on both his paws.

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