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My name

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When It Rains, Restless Heart Syndrome, World So Cold…I scrolled through my finished playlist with decided satisfaction, hitting the spacebar on my bulky hand-me-down Mac and turning up the volume in my headphones. The soft guitar and choir voices of Yellowcard’s Paper Walls title track played through the speakers in my ears, coming to a quiet stop right before the amps kicked in and began to dissolve the churning sensation in my gut.

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dictionaries are far from useless

Sometimes I run out of words so I do art with words on it.  Continue reading

Letters to No One || Part Two

Part One

December 16th, 2013

Hello E,

So I may or may not currently live with M, and she may or may not be asking me to write this. Anyways, I’m Tiana and I’m from Vermont, the land of maple syrup and cows.  Continue reading

Letters to No One || Part One

December 14th, 2013

Dear E,

I’m enclosing in this letter another letter from my friend/suitemate, Tiana. (She wouldn’t let me read it, so what’s in it is a total surprise to me. If you want to tell me then I’ll love you infinitely.)

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Bright Colors + Heavy Lines

This year I’m taking an art class at school, which opens up a ton of time to explore new techniques and ideas through art. Taking an art class was definitely a fantastic decision for me (thanks, past Arya!) because it gives me a good chunk of time to sort of wind down at school and let my brain run wild and creative. I really like that the prompts we’re given in class are sort of open to interpretation (most of the time), and I’ve definitely been having a lot of fun. Here are a couple of things I’ve worked on over the past month (which you may also have seen on my Instagram). My art style recently has really been gravitating towards heavy pen lines and bright colors- I really like the look of filled-in spaces and doodle-esque things. (I don’t know if doodle-esque was a word before, but it is now.) Continue reading




One of my original characters- she’s named Elle. This picture is of her when she’s a little older then when the story takes place. I had a lot of fun playing with all the reddish hues in this one, and those little dot thingies in the background were especially fun. I still gotta work on learning how to draw glasses, though! 😛

Hey, nerdlings! Sorry for the lack of posting and interacting recently, my entire week has been absolutely packed with nothing other than schoolwork (surprise, surprise). Hopefully I’ll find a little bit more time to get my blogging (and novel-writing) brain back intact this weekend; right now my mind is just “bio, english, precalc, repeat” with that little bit of music practice thrown in as well.

Until next time!