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Saturday Shorts: I (Do Not) Remember

There are days when I don’t mind being alone, and then there are days when I remember what my family was like.  Continue reading

Social Media Explains My Novel

Greetings, lovely nerdlings! I have been resurrected from the dead to finally write up another blog post. Today’s gonna be something a bit different than the usual blabber by yours truly… my good friend Kate tagged me in a thing she made up herself: the Social Media Tag!

The rules here are simple: copy down and answer the questions below (about your novel or story or anything along that line), then tag five of your writer friends to do it as well. Now, without further ado, let’s get to these questions!

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One of my original characters- she’s named Elle. This picture is of her when she’s a little older then when the story takes place. I had a lot of fun playing with all the reddish hues in this one, and those little dot thingies in the background were especially fun. I still gotta work on learning how to draw glasses, though! 😛

Hey, nerdlings! Sorry for the lack of posting and interacting recently, my entire week has been absolutely packed with nothing other than schoolwork (surprise, surprise). Hopefully I’ll find a little bit more time to get my blogging (and novel-writing) brain back intact this weekend; right now my mind is just “bio, english, precalc, repeat” with that little bit of music practice thrown in as well.

Until next time!


Saturday Shorts: If You Know Where to Look


A rather desperate, twelve year old Hudson Winchester yelled through cupped hands as he trekked through the forest. His family’s cabin had long disappeared behind him, but he wasn’t worried. He knew this place like he knew every single Metallica album his dad owned. It was home.

LILAH PARKER, ARE YOU OUT THERE?!” he called out again, stopping in his tracks. The rough earth was covered in freshly-fallen leaves, barely crunching beneath his feet as he halted. Hudson breathed in the scent of the tall trees around him and smiled.

He knew where to look.

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Arya does the Character Blog Hop

Desiree over at the Inky Tavern just did this on her lovely blog and I decided I’d give it a shot as well! I believe I shall be answering seven questions about a character in an in-progress work of mine and then proceeding on to nominate a few other bloggers to do the same. And now, introducing… Kat!

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Reading is an escape

An original character of mine for an upcoming novel!

This is an original character of mine, named Kat (short for Kathleen) reading a book. She’s a big bookworm (and writing enthusiast) and part of the next novel I plan on writing, which is currently untitled (wow, that was a run-on sentence). I’m super excited for her story!

Art and character © me- PLEASE do not steal!

Saturday Shorts: Timer

This little story is based off an idea I saw scrolling through Tumblr about having a timer that goes off right when a person is supposed to get together with their soulmate. These characters are just some of my own that I put into this situation… enjoy (:


I grumbled as I shoved the last of my books into my backpack after the bell had rung. Class was finally over; the school day was finally over. I let out a sigh of relief. I can finally take a nap.

See, I had only gotten about two hours of sleep the previous night. There was a specific reason for this, one that I probably should have been more excited about.

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