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Saturday Shorts: If You Know Where to Look


A rather desperate, twelve year old Hudson Winchester yelled through cupped hands as he trekked through the forest. His family’s cabin had long disappeared behind him, but he wasn’t worried. He knew this place like he knew every single Metallica album his dad owned. It was home.

LILAH PARKER, ARE YOU OUT THERE?!” he called out again, stopping in his tracks. The rough earth was covered in freshly-fallen leaves, barely crunching beneath his feet as he halted. Hudson breathed in the scent of the tall trees around him and smiled.

He knew where to look.

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I had a bit of a blunder

I think we can all safely say that we’ve made at least one mistake in our lifetimes centering around timing and deadlines, yes?



Today, nerdlings, I had a bit of a blunder with time.

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