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The Library

There is a certain feeling that may settle itself in the pit of one’s stomach that is inexplicable with words; it is something that can only be experienced.
Welcome to The Library.

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Flash(back) Fiction (Episode 2)

Read this first.

Calder’s mind finally stuttered back to full consciousness. There was a dull throbbing in the back of his head as he forced himself to open his eyes, one at a time- a feeling he had grown to be all too familiar with over the past four years.  Continue reading

Saturday Shorts: Reminisce

The looming apple tree in the front yard used to be ideal for sitting under while admiring the soft light glinting off the ruby bricks and pristine roof shingles of her old home. It lay on the outskirts of a large city, far away enough so that only the loudest of the bustling noise would touch it. Every spring, the apple boughs would be laden with scarlet fruit for a fortnight before they dropped to the supple grass below. A creek ran its course around the house’s border, in constant motion despite the overpopulation of rocks and algae in its way. A wooden fence stood near the creekside, supporting a mass of mock-orange plants. They were trimmed every week, and the blossoms would often drop into the pellucid waters and drift down the gentle current.  Continue reading

Saturday Shorts: Flash-Fiction Procrastination

Yes, yes, yes, I know- today is Sunday.

But it’s close enough and I DO WHAT I WANT.

Either way, today I’m going to be sharing a little snippet of something I wrote instead of working on my novel. It’s become very frequent of me to do this- I’ll sit down to write and get at least a good 1,000 words down in The Great Novel Of Doom, but I’ll (accidentally) end up writing out some other idea that’s been floating around in my head for a while. This particular thing involves pirates with magical powers that no one (including me) fully knows about. It was also kind of a practice to work with different speech patterns (although that didn’t work out too well… oops).

Let me know what you think down below! I might actually write out some more of this one, we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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