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Carpe Diem means ‘seize the day’

Some opportunities come around once in a lifetime, and I’m starting to learn that jumping half-blind into something has the potential to end quite well.  Continue reading

I blinked, and it was over.

Last night, I finished the fourth (and last) large-scale production of this summer.

About two weeks prior to the first performance, the idea of being on a stage where tons of people could actually see me was… well, horrifying. At that time, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to get through four performances, all of them in front of big crowds.  Continue reading

Once Upon a Time: Mumbai, India

On one of the days during my stay in India, some of my family and I rented a car that seated eight people and took a drive through the city of Mumbai. It was a completely spontaneous thing, literally having been planned the night before at around ten o’clock. Well, not even planned; the idea was simply thrown out onto the table for consideration.

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When You Spend 24 Hours On A Bus In India

… you might start to go a little bit crazy.

This may be happening due to a multitude of factors: maybe it’s the lack of space availability, maybe it’s the minimal bathroom breaks, perhaps it’s the fact that the bus horn is actually a jingle (and it keeps going off every thirty seconds because, after all, these are India roads).  Continue reading

Travel Thoughts

Funny story:

Pretty much exactly three weeks ago, my family and I hopped onto a plane (well, actually, three consecutive ones) and went to India. I remember writing that last post on this blog and publishing it with gusto, feeling quite proud of myself for keeping up with an almost-consistent posting schedule.

And then this India trip rolled around, and I really didn’t write much at all. 

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