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(literal) train of thoughts.

I have taken Caltrain twice in my lifetime.

As I sat and watched the landscape fly by outside the window, I was also extremely conscious of those surrounding me. The man with the bright orange bike and even brighter shirt. The girl with a tired-looking book-bag slung across her shoulder, headphones in and eyes closed. The young boy chattering excitedly to someone that looked to be his mother- “Mommy, train run fast? Train fly far!”  Continue reading

Some thoughts on being in “the dumbest generation”

I have been fondly referring to last week as “WODAD”- the Week Of Destruction And Doom.

Reasons for WODAD were the three tests I had on Tuesday, project due on Wednesday, timed write on Friday, and SAT on Saturday. But that timed write is really what inspired me to write this.

The prompt on Friday was based on Mark Bauerlein’s book, The Dumbest Generation. According to Bauerlein, anyone under the age of thirty at this time is a part of the generation that knows essentially nothing about the world and its workings. I’m just going to share some of the things I wrote in my in-class essay and add a couple of other thoughts since I, as a student myself, resent the idea that my own generation is “dumb” and looked down upon by some individuals of older generations.  Continue reading