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One of my original characters- she’s named Elle. This picture is of her when she’s a little older then when the story takes place. I had a lot of fun playing with all the reddish hues in this one, and those little dot thingies in the background were especially fun. I still gotta work on learning how to draw glasses, though! 😛

Hey, nerdlings! Sorry for the lack of posting and interacting recently, my entire week has been absolutely packed with nothing other than schoolwork (surprise, surprise). Hopefully I’ll find a little bit more time to get my blogging (and novel-writing) brain back intact this weekend; right now my mind is just “bio, english, precalc, repeat” with that little bit of music practice thrown in as well.

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Reading is an escape

An original character of mine for an upcoming novel!

This is an original character of mine, named Kat (short for Kathleen) reading a book. She’s a big bookworm (and writing enthusiast) and part of the next novel I plan on writing, which is currently untitled (wow, that was a run-on sentence). I’m super excited for her story!

Art and character © me- PLEASE do not steal!

Koi Fish

Koi Fish

I absolutely love koi fish, so I decided to draw one here… I was mainly experimenting with coloring and lineart styles, as well as shading.

Drawn in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Bamboo Tablet


Here’s a writing assignment I did for my English class earlier this semester… It’s called a character sketch, which basically is providing basic outlines or first impressions of a character without actually meeting them in the story. The characters I used in here are completely original, created by a friend and I. 


I remember the day I first learned of him.

About Stray.

My friend, Aaron, was the one to bring it to my attention that he existed; I picked up other stories from everyone else along the way. It seemed to be that I was the only one that didn’t have some kind of knowledge about this person- if you could even call him that- besides the information told to me by others, and I was determined to find out everything I could.

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Music is a huge inspiration of mine, as well as a passion.

Done in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Bamboo tablet