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To a new friend.

photo taken by my awesome friend Nicole, definitely go check her out.

photo taken by my awesome friend Nicole, definitely go check out her stuff.

Dear Possibility-

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It used to claw at my mind and scratch my skin raw,
leaving me with grime under my fingernails and a heavy conscience.

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fleeting thought

eyes wide open

original artwork- check out my Flickr account

it started up with a breakdown
of the thoughts
     swimming in my head, relentlessly aching to be
     into the biting January air

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New Voices: Painted Black

original image

original image

Wings painted black flap effortlessly,

striving for the infliction of pain,

as eyes blink away tears of relief

after catching a breath from their struggle to obtain

the truth.

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This Week’s Episode: Poetry and Procrastination

Writing makes me very excited.

This, I’m assuming, is at least slightly implied, considering the fact that I am writing right now. On this blog I created myself. On my own time. Generally indication that writing is enjoyed, right?

Either way, being able to craft a story of my own makes me feel powerful in a way, like I can actually do something and put something out into the world. It makes me happy to know that I can do whatever I want with these stories, no matter how ridiculous, because they’re my stories. Of course, showing them to others and wanting to appeal to them is a whole ‘nother story; but when I write for myself, I know I have the freedom to express myself in any way.

It’s not just writing these crazy, slightly insensible stories that gets me excited. There are tons of different styles of writing I enjoy, like drafting essays for school or experimenting with poetry.

And that brings me to the topic of poems.

And poetry slams.

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Here to Stay

I wish I could run away

Into a forest rid of weeks and days

Where time is gone

And I’m in a safe space

Fly on the wings

Of a paper plane

And find myself in a place

Where the end is the start and the start is the end

Yet there is not a trace

Of regret or remorse

Sadness and suffering

No stress or anger or chase

I wish and I want

But I’m here to stay

There truly is no escape