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Learning to ask the “right” questions


a quick audiobook-inspired sketch from last week

Six forty-five in the morning. Light has barely touched the sky, and I’m sitting in AP biology class surrounded by my half-asleep friends as we shuffle through our immense binders for fresh note paper. Our teacher mills around the front of the classroom prepping slides, video links, and in-class demos to fill our tenth-grade brains with exciting new knowledge (massive shoutout, she was/is the best).

During those high school biology days, I clung to the goal of having all the right answers at the drop of a question (yeah, yeah, I was another wannabe Hermione Granger, so what?). My favorite part of the class was when our teacher would ask us about connections– what other parts of the body may this impact? What other portions of the ecosystem are interwoven here? How may genes influence entire populations of animals? Before this class, I hadn’t considered any of these questions and more.  Continue reading

Liebster Award? What’s that, you say?


I was just recently nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Desiree B over at Inky Tavern. Pretty cool, right?

I’ve seen this floating around a couple other blogs I follow but, to be completely honest, I haven’t really looked into what it is. I did a bit of poking around and the rules are that I have to come up with eleven facts about myself, nominate eleven other blogs with less than/around 200 followers, and then come up with eleven questions for them to answer in a post of their own. Lots of work to be done here. Let’s get to it, shall we?

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