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Wacky Wednesday: Late Nights, Social Interaction, and Glorified Omelettes

First of all, am I even spelling “omelette” right?! Because I’ve seen it spelled both “omelet” and “omelette” and my autocorrect thing on the computer doesn’t mark it as wrong so I am very conflicted right now. I’m just going to go with the spelling of “omelette” for this particular post. But we’ll get to that later.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (wow, what a big surprise here), and I’ve realized that late nights are the reason my sleep schedule is so messed up.

My mom always says, “well, if you get up early for enough times in a row, you’ll eventually get used to that pattern, and you’ll also fall asleep easier because you’ll be tired by the evening.” I’ve tried that. But the trouble is that a lot of the times, I’ll wake up at 6:00, look and see that I have the opportunity to sleep for a little longer (meaning, I COULD wake up, but if I slept for longer I still wouldn’t be late to school), and then I’ll just flop right back on the bed and sleep again. I also sometimes wake up early, go to school as a zombie, come back as a zombie, and pass out on the ridiculously comfortable couch in our living room for an hour or two before eating dinner and doing homework. The trouble with that system is that by the time I have to actually get to bed, I’m not tired due to the nap earlier on.

Whatever happens, I always seem to be stuck in this ridiculous cycle of wanting to sleep all day then not being able to sleep when I actually get the chance to, leading me to being something like this:


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