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When S.N.I.S. becomes an advantage

Now, before I begin, I would just like to say something of the utmost importance.

I just got myself a pair of big and cute nerdy glasses and I have discovered that they are a necessity in life because they are fabulous.  It might sound silly, but these glasses gives me two important things: 1) a bit of a confidence booster, and 2) writing block-eradicator. So basically, I highly recommend getting yourself a pair of nerdy glasses for ten bucks. They make me feel very intelligent and sophisticated (though they probably don’t look so).


Today, while I was on my way back from this event I volunteered at, I was thinking very deeply in the car. Mainly about my in-progress novel that has been giving me quite some trouble plot-wise. See, I’ve written a whole draft, realized I don’t like that idea, rewritten the entire thing and editing it before realizing there are still so many areas where things just don’t sit right. Sometimes, thinking about this can frustrate me… and it leads me to think about other things.

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The Horrors of Shiny New Idea Syndrome

Yes, it’s totally a thing.

I was scrolling through several sites with tips on writing and realized something. I am a repeated victim of S.N.I.S. As sad as it is, it’s very true, and it’s something I need to work on changing.

For those unaware, S.N.I.S is one way a sudden spark of inspiration could end up. Now, don’t get me wrong, new ideas are great. Awesome, in fact- new ideas are what keep things moving. But at times when you’re working on a developing project that’s in a fragile state where any small distraction could lead to it being shattered forever (or at least a good long while)… S.N.I.S is most definitely not a friend.

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