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thunderstorms, tiny life, & time away from time

photo creds: my friend Ian

When the rain started pouring down, I didn’t make any move to find cover. We had just returned from a sweltering, dusty, who-knows-how-many-miles-long hike through the Sierra Nevada mountains, so the brisk thunderstorm was a welcome surprise.

Our intern cohort (plus several advisors) had scaled slopes through a charred forest in search of the vast meadows we knew to be at just a slightly higher elevation. The forest had undergone a controlled burn in an attempt to protect and restore biodiversity—as fire clears long-dead organic matter, it creates room for new life to recycle those materials into their own success. As the burn flickers on, the older, larger trees continue thriving and supporting other life, from their roots to their canopies.

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Story of my Life: Summer 2016

imagine a plane with no windows

my seat is halfway leaned back and bass is pounding in my ears as I dream,
traveling has always made me oddly poetic, even when the people sitting in the row ahead are shaking the seats and cutting through the high volume on my headphones.

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Coyotes can’t take the heat

There was a heat spell like no other that summer, and it left everyone to forget the way it felt to wear jackets and catch a breath of crisp, cold air in the middle of the afternoon.  Continue reading

Once Upon a Time: Summer in my Step

Growing up means that summers start to become extensions of school. SAT classes, the next level of math, summer homework, maybe even remedial courses at school itself- after the ninth or tenth grade, summer break tends to be not as much of a break as it used to be.

I remember that when I was a kid, my biggest worry used to be the boredom that came with summer. My parents would sign me up for summer camps for a few weeks here and there (science camp rules!), but when I wasn’t at one of those camps, I would just be spending time at home. I’ve always been the type of person that needs to be consistently doing something, and back then, I didn’t quite know how to really entertain myself.

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How to have a not-bummer Summer

My dear nerdlings, summer is upon us.

At last.

Time to buckle down and do absolutely nothi- sorry, I meant to say “be productive and wise with my time,” not anything else. Heheheh.

Now, I know that without school, time seems endless. Sometimes it can result in ultimate creative demise because your brain is a little bit too relaxed.

So without further ado, I give you my ten ideas to help spark that inspiration once more.

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Once Upon a Time: The Summer

It wasn’t just a summer. It was the summer.

2011, the year I would go into the sixth grade. It was that time where I was absolutely, completely, positively oblivious to everything happening around me in the world. Those days when my biggest worries were what I would be eating for lunch and who I could have a “play date” with next. The idea of actually having to do WORK to get far in life was pretty foreign to me, and I wasn’t at all worried about middle school.

It was that summer that was the start of something big.

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