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Lessons from a stranded bus and late night microscope work


Back in November, the week of Thanksgiving break (actually, the night before Thanksgiving day), I found myself stranded at 12:35am with fifty other people and steady rain in a parking lot in downtown Los Angeles. Usually, I fly back to the Bay Area from my school in San Diego– if I book my tickets sufficiently in advance, the costs are worth the visit back home; however, this time, I didn’t book my flight tickets early enough. Seat availability plummeted, prices skyrocketed, and I decided that taking the budget-friendly bus would be a good alternative.

I didn’t sleep more than an hour that night. We ended up left in that parking lot for reasons I’m to this day unsure of– the bus driver had stopped, told us all to vacate the bus because we were supposed to transfer, and promptly drove off as soon as the last person had removed their bag from the under-bus storage. Needless to say, there was no transfer.

We were in that parking lot for about an hour and a half until the company sent a replacement bus to pick us up. I tried to doze off again on this bus, but the frigid air blowing through the vents kept my mind active even though my body was craving rest. We made it to San Francisco by seven thirty in the morning, and I reached my home by eight. Continue reading

Time Travel: thoughts from my East Coast visit


I stepped out of the airport to a blast of heat, inwardly grumbling at the prospect of quickly becoming drenched in sweat as I lugged my bags toward the car. However, as the week went on, I quickly found myself adjusting to the heavy, humid air as my cousin and I roamed the streets of DC and New York City.

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The Great Give-Up (In Which I Don’t Actually Give Up)

There will be that point with everything in which giving up seems like the best option.

Whether this is with schoolwork, drawings, or learning how to do cartwheels, there’s always that moment when it feels like you simply don’t have the physical or mental capacity to keep up with everything.

This is that point with this blog.

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Pressure and Challenge: What’s the Difference?

Deadlines can be really irritating.

But then other times, they’ll be the only things that keep the entire operation moving.

Some people can manage work under pressure, maybe even do better, and then there are others who don’t handle it quite as well. I personally am one of those people who can live with it, maybe even produce something great out of it… but I don’t like it.

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This Week’s Episode: The Ability to Breathe Has Returned

First off, happy S.A.D. everyone!

(that stands for Singles Awareness Day if there were any unaware spectators floating out in the internet cloud)

I spent my S.A.D. with homework, music, and ice cream. Sweet, delicious ice cream. Not a bad time at all, if you ask me- but that isn’t the point. The point is that I CAN BREATHE AGAIN!!!

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