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You Are Now Officially Allowed To Be Excited For Halloween (plus writing)

Holy mother of all things fluffy, it’s already October.

Before I (or any of us, I’m sure) was able to think about it for even a second, almost two months of school have gone by. I’ll be finishing up my eighth week of sophomore year tomorrow. Then there are about three weeks left of October.


However, the start of October always makes me excited. It’s around this time that lessons at school start to pick up and get more and more interesting, the weather starts to cool off, and, of course, preparation for Halloween!


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The Seemingly-Impossible Is Not As It Seems

It’s July 31st, and I think we know what that means.

In a very, very short time, Camp NaNoWriMo will officially be over for the second time this year. Participating writers everywhere will be scrambling to finish up those last words on their novels in order to meet their wordcount (I know I did last night!).

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.31.28 AMI set my goal pretty low this month, actually- only at 20,000. And I passed it by 1,000 words! Seeing the little bar on the statistics graph go above the goal line is seriously one of the best feelings I’ve had all week.

I’ve been talking a lot about crossing goal-lines and completing things recently because it’s really been one of the only things on my mind. My thoughts have constantly been centered around questions like “what do I have to do next?” and “what do I have to do to do that thing next?” and “holy mother of all things fluffy, how in the world will I finish this all in time?”.

Sometimes it might feel like things are impossible to do. You might have your list of three things you want to get to first, you might have all the things you need to complete them- but there still could be that point in time where you feel like all is lost, like there’s no way you could ever finish what you’ve started.


I am absolutely positive you can.

I proved to myself that I can when I made those two big jumps in my wordcount to catch up. And just like I sat down with an extra-chocolatey hot chocolate and wrote until my fingers bled (metaphorically, of course), you can catch up, too. Forget that feeling of hopelessness and keep working at it. You’ll get there.

Don’t give up, nerdlings,


Arya’s Tips to Surviving (and thriving) while writing a novel

Very soon, it will be the start of Camp NaNoWriMo round number two this year.

Naturally, I’ll be taking part in this. I’ll be working on my novel, My Life as a Mayonnaise Jar, which I have already written multiple drafts for but have never quite felt it was really completed. However, I recently figured out a way to give the story that extra push I’ve always felt it needed, and I am extremely excited to write it all out.

So in honor of camp starting soon, I’ve decided to compile a list of my advice to not only surviving but thriving as you write your wonderfully brilliant novel (whether it be during Camp NaNo, regular NaNo, or just on your own)! Let’s get started, shall we?

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When S.N.I.S. becomes an advantage

Now, before I begin, I would just like to say something of the utmost importance.

I just got myself a pair of big and cute nerdy glasses and I have discovered that they are a necessity in life because they are fabulous.  It might sound silly, but these glasses gives me two important things: 1) a bit of a confidence booster, and 2) writing block-eradicator. So basically, I highly recommend getting yourself a pair of nerdy glasses for ten bucks. They make me feel very intelligent and sophisticated (though they probably don’t look so).


Today, while I was on my way back from this event I volunteered at, I was thinking very deeply in the car. Mainly about my in-progress novel that has been giving me quite some trouble plot-wise. See, I’ve written a whole draft, realized I don’t like that idea, rewritten the entire thing and editing it before realizing there are still so many areas where things just don’t sit right. Sometimes, thinking about this can frustrate me… and it leads me to think about other things.

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All Day, Every Day: A day in the life of your average Arya

Wow. So. Um. It’s been a while.

I promise you, nerdlings, I do have an excuse (sort of). I’m gonna play the high school student card here- finals week.

Yes, this week is finals week for yours truly, and of course that hasn’t been the most pleasant thing ever. I love the fact that summer is here for me in literally less than 48 hours. Fun fun fun, excitement excitement excitement, yay. But then twelve of those 48 hours are going to be taken up in testing.

Not so fun.

The week before finals (which, thanks to my classmates, I have been referring to as nothing other than “dead week”) consisted of a whole lot of panic for me. See, my schedule plays out in a way that I have my three most difficult classes as my first three finals. It’s nice to be able to get them over with, of course, but then the fact that I have less time to study for them can become intimidating. Especially when there’s lots to remember.

Since it’s Memorial Day weekend, I didn’t have school today. I spent my entire day at home, locked in my room, reviewing every single thing I have learned this semester about modern world history and secondary algebra (let me just say now, John Green is literally the only reason that even have a slight idea of what happened in the French Revolution). It wasn’t easy to stay away from playing 2048 or Puzzle&Dragons, but I did it. And I’ve gotten to a point where I can list off all the rulers throughout the English Civil War just as fluently as I can every Yellowcard song (I think).

So what’s the point of me complaining to you about finals?

It got me thinking about what goes on in my ridiculous everyday life, and how I even manage to get half the things done that I’m supposed to.

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Old novels and brilliantly sassy characters

When I look back at the person I was almost four years ago, I want to curl up in a corner and sob.

This is mainly because I used to be a weird little child. Not the kind of weird I am now (because let’s face it, I’m a total weirdo). This kind of weird was more of the embarrassing kind, y’know?


Right up there, above those three little star-thingies, are a few sentences I wrote about two months ago. I was trying to draft up a post but couldn’t come up with anything past what you see right there. Today, I was struggling a bit for inspiration, so I decided to go through my old drafts to find an idea.

I found this, and it got me thinking.

As I’ve said so many times before, things change. People change, too, myself obviously not excluded. Even over the short course of a couple months, a lot can become different, and for me, the previous situation sometimes becomes embarrassing.

I’ll look back and cringe horrifically at the way I acted around new people a year ago. I’ll remember my opinion on llamas in the sixth grade and shudder because I was seriously obsessed (don’t get me wrong, llamas are totally rad, but it was getting slightly unhealthy back then).

But sometimes old memories can turn out to be absolutely fantastic.

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More than halfway in but still not half done?!

April 18th, 2014.

I should be at 18,000 words in my novel right now.

For this year’s Camp NaNoWriMo, I’ve set my word-count goal at 30,000 words– obviously the story wouldn’t be resolved by then, but it at least serves as a goal of what I want to reach before the end of the month. It’s not quite as high as 50,000 yet not as low as the 15,000 I did in my first year of YWP NaNoWriMo.

Trouble is, I’ve gotten myself into a situation where I’m about four thousand words behind schedule.

9KGSdSpMy current word-count is 14,420. I’ve actually had plenty of chances to write in the past week, but I tend to get distracted very easily. Whether it’s Tumblr or Tiny Tower or chasing butterflies around with my dog, something always seems to completely change my mindset away from the writing one. Heck, I even got distracted just now talking to my fish instead of writing up this blog post.

As of now, though, I have officially decided that for the next three days (basically today through Sunday) I am going to write at least three thousand words per day. This may not seem like much when you look at it closely, but I’ve learned that words add up quite fast.

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